Course in Expanding Consciousness

In this three day course you will be taken on a unique journey of discovery. Your facilitator is Dr Ian Weinberg. The first part of the journey will be to introduce you to the functions of the brain and its connections to your body. Thereafter you will be guided through the mind states, their origins and their influences. This leads into the next phase which is the tools for intervention, designed to empower you to optimize your mind states and enhance body vitality. Finally, and unique to this course, you will be introduced to neurophysics - the study of the influences of consciousness on the environment beyond your own body.

Module 1: The adventure begins with a concise, easy to understand but comprehensive review of relevant neuroscience. Here you will become familiar with the current understanding of neuroscience and how it underpins mind states and its effects on body function. Participation is encouraged.

Module 2: Introducing the Triangles Model. This model was originally developed more than twenty five years ago and has evolved to the present time. It provides the working platform for profiling individuals in the form of archetypes. Each archetype incorporates the relevant nurture history, subjective beliefs as well as the associated neuro- and immune chemistry.

Module 3: The Triangles Model is expanded to include a clear understanding of mindfulness in a neuroscience context. Further applications are reviewed specifically in the areas of communication and leadership.

Module 4: This part of the journey deals specifically with intervention. In the context of the Triangles Model, principles of neuromodulation (coaching in a neuroscientific context) are discussed at length. Here you will become familiarized with the approach required to enhance your mind state and your neuro-immune chemistry. This self-empowering session brings together all the preceding modules.

Module 5: Neurophysics is introduced based on simplified elements of quantum physics. The Triangles Model is then incorporated and the interface between our subjectivity and the greater environment is then explained. We connect to the timeless-spaceless zone as described in Buddhist teachings.


Next Event: June 4th - 6th 2021


Ian Weinberg is a consultant neurosurgeon currently in practice. His passion is the enhancement of wellness and performance by shifting mind...


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