The Last Frontier

We are complex beings living in a complex environment. We enter this world with a genetic heritage to which is added a nurture heritage. The nurture heritage refers to those early formative years which further fashioned our personalities. Most people merely accept their heritages and live their lives for better or for worse in accordance with their inherited personalities. The inherited aspect, our personality or consciousness, will dictate how we make sense of the world and all that is within it. If this sense-making filter is comprehensive and bears an accurate reflection of the environment then our perception is true, our decisions are “correct” and we experience success. If on the other hand the inherited aspects are deficient in fundamental ingredients such that our subjective perception distorts the world around us, we will make wrong decisions relating to our personal lives and consequently experience failure and unfulfilment. In effect we become the victims of our inherited baggage.

All that we experience will be labeled with emotion or feeling. This is positive when we experience success and negative in the event of failure. It is this feeling which has a profound effect on the chemistry of our bodies, most notably on the immune system with resultant effects. If the feeling is positive (optimism, purposefulness, meaningfulness), we experience enhanced body function and an absence of illness. Also our overall performance is enhanced. If on the other hand we experience a negative feeling (pessimism, purposelessness, meaninglessness) we may develop a diminished immunity with resultant infections and/or tumours. Also our performance becomes impaired and less productive.

The Triangles Model was developed over the years as a strategy designed to assist  individuals to identify their unique personality traits and the way in which they process information pertaining to day to day life. Once this configuration is established appropriate interventions have been developed to assist with optimizing one’s processing functions and thereby overall wellness and performance.

Initially the reader is familiarized with some of the basic concepts of psychoneuroimmunology. Thereafter the Triangles Model is described in detail in terms of its derivation. This is followed by the Verve form of the model which represents the practical application of the program.

The section entitled “Approach to Wellness” serves to supplement the core concepts of the Triangles Model and facilitate the interventions. The corporate application section reviews the positive changes which can be brought about within the corporate environment to enhance wellness and performance. Finally the sections on Neuro-Physics deal with the merging of the neuro-psychological configurations (in the context of the Triangles Model) with aspects of quantum physics.


An Overview of the Text 8
Principles of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) 10
Derivation of the Triangles Model 26
The Verve Application of the Triangles Model 45
Principles of Intervention 61
An approach to Wellness 76
The Triangles Model: Diagnostics 89
The Corporate Verve Application 94
Principles of Neuro-Physics 103
Applied Neuro-Physics 112
The Five Quantum Health Solutions 119
Glossary of Terms 120
Appendix 123


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