Engaging the Neural Matrix

For the past forty years I have been a scholar in pursuit of the multiple facets of consciousness and applying them both within my profession as well as in all our applications. The organic growth of our programs and applications has paralleled the exponential expansion of knowledge and understanding in the spheres of the neurosciences, neuropsychology and psychoneuro-immunology. I have endeavoured to incorporate the most current of research findings into all our applications and programs, thereby ensuring that our offering remains in step with the current understanding on a broad front. Much information is available regarding research in the neurosciences. However, as important as the information is, a context or model supporting the application remains equally important if value is to be gained from engaging this field. Consequently much time and energy has been spent on processing the information into a usable program.

I have always maintained that my work and contributions in the broad neurosciences application represents merely my own subjective art form. It reflects just another component of the expanding collective body of knowledge and understanding and thereby becomes the substrate for others to reflect upon and to advance the process further. I feel privileged and indeed blessed that I was mentored so comprehensively in neurosurgery and in the neurosciences. For this was to afford me a unique foundation from where I was able to study and appreciate the breadth of neurophysiology, neuro-anatomy, general human physiology and eventually, the physiology of psychoneuro-immunology. I truly believe that it is essential that any scholar who chooses to study neuropsychology or any of the applications of consciousness would need to be well grounded in both the extended neurosciences as well as in psychoneuro-immunology. I emphasize the latter requirement because we recognize today that many aspects of consciousness and emotion are comprehensively integrated with general body physiology.

Developments in the neurosciences continue with breathless momentum. I believe that we can expect further exciting additions to our body of knowledge in the near future. For me, one of the especially exciting areas of research is that of neuroplasticity - the potential of the neuron to sprout new branches and effectively re-wire. The implications of this process are enormous especially in regard to the modality of coaching. We truly can strive for all we wish to be. All that is required is the belief, the sustained effort and the application of current technologies. No longer do we need to accept the non-resourceful states arising out of a deprivation heritage.

This book is the third such text in a trilogy representing the evolving understanding of consciousness. It incorporates much of the most recent and relevant research findings in the related fields. The Triangles Model has also been extensively reviewed both in terms of prevailing literature as well as in the context of three Master’s dissertations. I offer this to you the reader as a unique compilation of all the relevant components of the neural matrix that underpins consciousness as we understand it at this point in time.


Introduction Page 4
Part 1 - Extended Neurophysiology Page 6
Introduction 6
Overview of the anatomical components and their functions 6
Horizontal Cortical Integration 9
Creativity 11
The Basis of Memory Storage 12
Neuro-electric Field Modulation of Development and Function 14
Emotional Centers and Connections 16
Identifiable emotional configurations and motivation 19
Discussion 25
Part 2 - Neuromodulation Page 32
Introduction 32
The Chemistry of Wellness, Performance and Leadership 35
The Neuro-Triangles Model 35
Applications in the Extended Environment 46
Hollow integration 51
Inter-personal Dynamics 52
Archetypes and Leadership 55
The Triple Wheel Combination Model of Value-based Leadership. 57
Inflammation, cancer and aging 58
Neuromodulation Intervention 59
Neuroplasticity 69
Intervention based on Chemical Processes 69
Discussion 70
Part 3 - The Neural Matrix Page 73
The Dimension of Relativity 73
The Singularity 74
A Deterministic Natural Environment 78
Brain-Consciousness as a Deterministic Blueprint 82
The Neuro-electric Field and Consciousness 84
The Extended Triangles Model 87
Intervention Principles 92
Bravo Intervention 94
Charlie Intervention 95
A Final Word 96


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