Leading with Conscious Awareness

"Leading with Conscious Awareness: a narrative of personal insights is more than a book. Rather it's a comprehensive guide that has the power to change lives. Through his experiential thought provoking foray into one's psycho-physiological and elemental imbalances, Dr Ian Weinberg's adept ability makes the intimate link between mind, body, spirit and the brain and its impact on our psyche, physicality and well-being.

His personal insights and 25 year methodology provides a deep understanding that it is possible to live a life free of suffering, anxiety, depression and neurosis. In the identification of one's unique archetype, it gives us pause to think and reflect and therein dawns a realization that transformation and radical change in behaviour lies in understanding the machinations of the brain.

Leading with Conscious Awareness requires it to be put down periodically and re-visited again and again, to reflect on the words, apply it to your own life experience and find solutions to embark on a journey of healing, balance and renewal that would unleash your innate highest potential."


Chapter 1: Paths of origin Page 3
Chapter 2: Forged in fire Page 12
Chapter 3: Fully engaged Page 24
Chapter 4: A curved ball from hell Page 34
Chapter 5:  Brain-mind Page 40
Chapter 6: Neuro-coaching and PNI Page 56
Chapter 7: Practise what I preach Page 95
Chapter 8:  Expanding horizons Page 99
Chapter 9:  The extended environment Page 109
Chapter 10: Applying my mind Page 123
Chapter 11: Consciousness Page 128
Chapter 12: A peek into weirdness Page 141
Chapter 13: Mindfulness Page 150
Chapter 14: The ‘experts’ Page 158
Chapter 15: The Triangles Model Page 171


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Ian Weinberg is a consultant neurosurgeon currently in practice. His passion is the enhancement of wellness and performance by shifting mind...


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