The Diagnostic

The online diagnostic has been programmed to comprehensively profile users in terms of their levels of personal gratification, self-esteem, self-worth, self-efficacy, purposefulness as well as potential in terms of leadership and entrepreneurship. The data supporting the development of the diagnostic was derived from several thousand case studies. In effect, the diagnostic provides an accurate snap-shot of all prevailing drives, fears and potential limiting beliefs.

Several studies in the form of Masters degrees have been undertaken to evaluate the validity of the diagnostic. In a study performed in 2010, a direct correlation was found between the three Archetypes and meta-programs, as defined by the Identity Compass psychometric. A later study validated the Archetypes in the context of illness predisposition (2011). The Triangles Model has also been validated as a means of profiling degrees of effective leadership and entrepreneurship (2012).

The diagnostic comprises approximately eighty questions and generates a profile in four categories. Generic interpretations are also generated which provide insights into the profile. It is recommended that the user purchases available books to gain further understanding of the profile. The workbook is also helpful in this regard. Ideally the diagnostic should be interpreted by an accredited neuromodulation coach who is qualified in this regard.


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