The NeuroSurge program is based on the full integration of neuroscience and psychoneuro-endocrinology with the coaching modality. The result of this powerful fusion is an application which has elevated coaching to a place where it interfaces directly with the physiology of wellness, performance and leadership. In addition, resourcefulness in terms of this physiology can be accurately measured by means of a powerful online neuro-diagnostic. The program has evolved over twenty two years and is used world-wide in the corporate, clinical and personal environments.

Regular accreditation courses are made available to qualified coaches, psychologists and medical/para-medical graduates. NeuroSurge accreditation empowers the coach to interface directly with the neurophysiology through a process termed neuromodulation. The NeuroSurge accredited coach also has access to the online neuro-diagnostics. For more information contact NeuroSurge.

The application is also available as a comprehensive distance learning program for the individual.

Apply this program and achieve
  • A consistently resourceful mind-state
  • Enhanced wellness and quality of life
  • A more fulfilling work environment
Mind-states profoundly affect the chemistry of wellness and performance.
NeuroSurge Corporate Quantification: Available to accredited neuromodulators only. See details here.

Certification Course

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The NeuroSurge program is self-empowering and your progress measurable through an online neuro-diagnostic. It is recommended that you purchase and complete your first online neuro-diagnostic prior to reading the e-books. In this way you will establish your baseline wellness and performance profile. The online neuro-diagnostic can be repeated at three to six month intervals to monitor your progress.

All you need to do to implement this life-changing program ...

  1. Register your own password-protected account
  2. Login to purchase the e-books, workbook, online diagnostic or personal e-consult

Do the free online eVital diagnostic now.

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As an alternative to the distance learning application you may wish to work through an accredited NeuroSurge facilitator. Refer to the directory of Facilitators.