Neuromodulation Accreditation Course

This course is available to existing coaches (minimum of one year of practice), psychologists (or those with a psychology degree), medical practitioners as well as members of para-medical disciplines. Full accreditation requires attendance at this three day course; completion of ten case studies using the online diagnostic; a written examination within three months of attending the course.

Course description


  1. Overview of relevant neurophysiology
  2. In depth study of the neurochemistry underpinning wellness and performance
  3. Engaging with the mind-body integration - psychoneuro-immunology (PNI)
  4. Understanding the neurochemistry underpinning  IQ and EQ

Session 2:

  1. Introduction to the Triangles Model and the Archetypes - this creates a comprehensive platform for understanding nurture influences, personal beliefs and values as well as the associated chemistry
  2. The Archetypes are studied in depth in regard to their subjective world view, processing styles and neuro-immune chemistry
  3. Communication modes are reviewed in the context of the Archetypes
  4. Principles of leadership are reviewed in the context of the Triangles Model

Session 3:

  1. The principles of intervention are reviewed
  2. The concept of neuromodulation is studied in detail
  3. The fundamentals of neuromodulation are then applied to the nurture-based Archetypes as well as to multiple potential challenges
  4. The concept of the ‘Gap’ is discussed in detail with the relevant approaches

Session 4:

  1. The neurodiagnostic is introduced
  2. The components of the neurodiagnostic as well as the generated indices are studied in detail.
  3. Hands-on guided exercises and applications are facilitated to create a comprehensive understanding  in the use and interpretation of the diagnostic

Session 5:

  1. The concept of neurophysics is introduced
  2. The interface of neuroscience with quantum physics is discussed in broad detail
  3. The bio-medical model together with its PNI integration is expanded by incorporating it into an quantum physics energetic context
  4. Consciousness is defined anew in the expanded model where the Triangles Model is fully integrated with the energetic space.


Next Event: 2-3 June 2019


Ian Weinberg is a consultant neurosurgeon currently in practice. His passion is the enhancement of wellness and performance by shifting mind...


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