Neuromodulation Accreditation Course

This course is available only to medical practitioners, para-medical professionals (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, dentists), psychologists, social workers, coaches (minimum of one year's coaching experience) as well as to Allied Professionals (Chiropractors and Homeopaths).

In addition to the comprehensive online modules, candidates will also be required to complete ten case studies based on the online diagnostic as well as an online examination.

The purchase of this program includes the following:

  1. 1. A comprehensive five-module online program
  2. 2. A personal online diagnostic as well as ten online diagnostics for case studies
  3. 3. A workbook
  4. 4. A neuromodulation manual
  5. 5. Slides of the program

Neuromodulation coaching

Neuromodulation coaching is an application based exclusively on the Triangles Model. It represents a unique form of coaching in which the coach profiles the client/coachee on the basis of their cognitive and emotional components as well as on their neuro-immune chemical configuration. Intervention therefore becomes more effective than conventional coaching in that the reversal and restoration of negative or destructive chemistry to a more resourceful configuration sustains the positive emotional and cognitive changes.

Description of the program

Module 1: The program begins with an overview of the relevant neurophysiology. This incorporates an in depth study of the neurochemistry underpinning wellness, performance and leadership. Thereafter the mind-body integration, psycho-neuroimmunology (PNI), is reviewed in detail. The neuro-chemistry underpinning IQ and EQ is clarified.

Module 2: Introducing the Triangles Model. This model was originally developed more than twenty five years ago and has evolved to the present time. It provides the working platform for profiling individuals in the form of archetypes. Each archetype incorporates the relevant nurture history, subjective beliefs as well as the associated neuro- and immune chemistry.

Module 3: The Triangles Model is expanded to include a clear understanding of mindfulness in a neuroscience context. Further applications are reviewed specifically in the areas of communication and leadership. The diagnostic is introduced with a basic instruction to its interpretation.

Module 4: This part of the program deals specifically with intervention. In the context of the Triangles Model, principles of neuromodulation are discussed at length. Here you will become familiarized with the approach required to enhance mind states and the supportive neuro-immune chemistry.

Module 5: The first part of this practical module deals with the interpretation of the online diagnostic in greater detail. Several case studies are reviewed to illustrate the application. This leads on to the second part of the module which deals with the practical approach of neuromodulation coaching.

The audio-visual modules may be viewed to a maximum of five occasions per module. Please contact us on completion of the modules so that you can be guided through the required case studies and the online examination.


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