Certification course

NeuroSurge offers a comprehensive, online mentoring course which is personally facilitated by Dr Ian Weinberg. Ian Weinberg is a consultant neurosurgeon, pioneer in applied psychoneuro-immunology (PNI) and developer of the NeuroSurge program. The course represents a unique integration of the neuro-sciences with psychoneuro-endocrinology. In this way, coaching as an interventional modality is elevated to a more effective level in that it engages directly with supportive neurophysiology. The individual that successfully completes this certification course gains a unique understanding of relevant neurophysiology, neuropsychology and the important brain/mind-body integration. The application of this form of neuro-coaching is referred to as neuromodulation.

The online course includes the following electronic components:

  1. A comprehensive narrated slide presentation in four parts
  2. A workbook
  3. Two supportive reference texts
  4. Relevant summaries for intervention
  5. One online Neuro-Diagnostic
  6. An electronic self-coaching template - E-Modulate
  7. A one hour personalized tutorial conference with Ian Weinberg after completion of the program (real-time, in English)

The course runs for a period of four weeks from the date of registration, culminating in the one hour online discussion. Throughout the period of the program, Ian Weinberg can be contacted electronically if assistance or direction is required. As a requirement for certification, a one hour written examination is required after completion of the course.

How to purchase the program

The program is only available for the training of healthcare professionals and coaches. The complete program costs $695.00

To register, click on the link below. You will then be able to create your own password-controlled account. Click on Purchase on your My Account page. You will be taken to the Purchase page. Check Certification Course and you will then be taken to a safe credit card purchase page.

Once payment has been received, your My Account page will be uploaded with all the components of the course. You will also receive detailed instructions on how to approach the course. Thereafter login to your My Account page to download the texts and workbooks and also access the slide presentation as many times as you wish for a period of one month. Your My Account page remains password protected for your personal use only.

Click here to register and initiate the process that will elevate you to that unique space of neuromodulation.