The entire program is downloadable off this site. All the content required is included in the e-books, The Last Frontier and Engaging the Neural Matrix. Once you are familiar with the content, the specially designed workbook will assist you to implement the application in your work environment as well as in your personal and recreation environments.


Two new products are available for purchase which further support the learning process:

  1. A comprehensive audio-visual presentation in four parts. This covers the entire Neuro-Triangles Model content and application
  2. The E-Modulate program. This is an electronic neuromodulation template which provides the user with a self-help neurocoaching application. It can be printed out and used in support of regular coaching. The program is based on the Neuro-Triangles Model and all its applications.

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  1. Learn about the chemistry of wellness and performance
  2. Become familiar with resourceful and non-resourceful mind-states
  3. Master the powerful Triangles Model© - the gateway to accessing the chemistry of performance
  4. Understand the physics of quantum consciousness (neuro-physics) and the more subtle influences on your extended environment
  5. Continually monitor your progress with the online diagnostic and its personal reports


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